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Course 7:   Reports

Lesson 3:   Best Practices

  1. Team Summary
    This sec­tion of the report is actu­al­ly a sum­ma­ry of every oth­er sec­tion. If you don’t have time to read all the oth­er sec­tions, this will give you a good overview.

    Reception Analysis
    Compare play­ers’ receiv­ing abil­i­ties by loca­tion on body (e.g., left, right, over­head) and across dif­fer­ent rotations.

    Serving Analysis
    Serve type, loca­tion and grades for each player.

    Setter Analysis
    Setter dis­tri­b­u­tion and effi­cien­cy across each rota­tion, type of pass and phase of game. Attack com­bi­na­tions, grad­ing and loca­tion with regards to the set­ter are also includ­ed (heat maps are includ­ed in Platinum reports).

    Directional Analysis
    Review each player’s most fre­quent attacks, iden­ti­fy pat­terns with regards to loca­tion and effi­cien­cy, and break them up into dif­fer­ent situations.

    Conference Stats
    Basic stats for every team in the con­fer­ence. Most of the sta­tis­tics pro­vid­ed are also avail­able on the online stats page, but reports pro­vide an easy way to look across mul­ti­ple teams from the same page.

    Statistical Breakdown
    View the team’s scor­ing per­cent­age by dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions, sets and rota­tions. Also get a look at indi­vid­ual play­ers’ hit­ting and set­ting analysis.

  2. More ques­tions? Contact our sup­port team—we’re hap­py to go more in-depth with you.