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Course 3:   Record & Upload

Lesson 4:   Upload Scoresheet

  1. An image of the offi­cial score­sheet, with all sets includ­ed, needs to be uploaded in addi­tion to the video for a match to be ana­lyzed. Check out our exam­ples below.

  2. After the match, nav­i­gate to the event on the Volleymetrics por­tal, click Upload, select your score­sheet file, and upload it.

  3. Only one score­sheet file can be uploaded per match, so if you score­sheet is in mul­ti­ple files you may need to zip them before upload­ing.

  4. If you can’t find the score­sheet for a match you want ana­lyzed, here are a few oth­er options.

  5. Once you upload both your video and score­sheet, the match will be sent to the analy­sis queue. Our ana­lysts go through each match twice. In less than 24 hours, you’ll see a green check­mark next to your video, indi­cat­ing the analy­sis is complete.