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Course 5:   Video Review Tools

Lesson 5:   Use a Hudl Bluetooth Remote

  1. Call the shots from a distance. You don’t have to be tied to your computer to control your video anymore. Feel free to walk around the room and make sure your athletes aren’t falling asleep.

  2. Pair the remote with your computer.

    Step 1 — open your Bluetooth settings.
    Step 2 — pair the remote.
    Step 3 — have more efficient review sessions.

  3. Control video playback with your remote.

    • Laser — activate the laser pointer.
    • Full — enter full-screen mode.
    • Prev — skip back to the start of the last moment.
    • Next — skip forward to the start of the next moment.
    • Rev — skip back 5 seconds.
    • Slow — tap while paused to skip .1 seconds or hold for slow motion (forward).
    • Rew — tap to go back 5 seconds.
    • FF — Tap to go forward 5 seconds, hold to playback in 2x speed.
    • Tag — does not currently have a function.
    • Play — pause and play the video.
  4. Unpair the remote. If you want to use your remote on a new computer, be sure to unpair it from the old one first — our remotes can only be paired to one at a time.