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Course 5:   Video Review Tools

Lesson 3:   Host a Remote Video Review Session

  1. Review high-quality film with your team remotely. While on a video call, you and your play­ers can nav­i­gate to Hudl, and watch the same video at the same time.

  2. Use any teleconferencing tool

    When you’re ready to start a video review ses­sion, pull up your pre­ferred tele­con­fer­enc­ing tool such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. Then have every­one open up Hudl in a separate browser and nav­i­gate to the same video to watch togeth­er. It’s that simple.

  3. Control playback for the whole team

    As soon as you start a ses­sion on Hudl and share the link with your team, they’ll see what’s hap­pen­ing on your end on their own computer.

  4. Teach with text and drawings

    They’ll also be able to see effects you pre­vi­ous­ly added to the video, so get cre­ative with your visu­al feed­back before you meet. Pro tip: Make your video review ses­sion more effi­cient by using the​“Next” but­ton to jump from one effect to another.

  5. Review all types of video

    You can ana­lyze your team’s last game, scout an oppo­nent or dig into the details of a playlist. The option to host a review ses­sion is avail­able in the video play­er for all video types.