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Course 5:   Video Review Tools

Lesson 2:   Add Comments, Drawings & Text Effects

  1. Create a visual. Use arrows, spot shadows, straight lines or freehand — whatever it takes to emphasize your point. 

  2. Make comments. Add an extra layer of analysis. The best part? Athletes and coaches can reply, turning comments into conversations. 

  3. Add text effects. This is a great choice if you have something that’ll apply to the whole team. It’ll live on the game video and anyone who has access to the video will be able to view it.

  4. Share your lessons. Don’t forget to save your comments and drawings to a playlist so you can share them with your team.

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Create a treasure hunt with your comments or text effects. Want to make sure your players are watching video? Drop a comment or drawing with a question somewhere in the video, then ask for the answer during your next team review.

  3. Build a team-wide obsession with video. Teach your athletes how to create playlists and add comments and questions to each clip. Engagement leads to improvement.