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Course 1:   Prep for Season

Lesson 2:   Update Your Roster

  1. Move athletes between teams. We’re all about player development. That’s why it’s easy to move athletes between Hudl teams once they’ve earned it. Think JV to varsity or 17 2’s to 18 1’s.

  2. Update athlete information.  A lot can happen in the offseason. Be sure to keep jersey numbers and positions up-to-date in your roster. 

  3. Remove old athletes. It’s time for your graduates to close the yearbook. Don’t worry — they’ll still have access to all their highlights after you delete them from the team.

  4. Edit groups.  Add new players to your existing groups. You don’t want your freshman setter to miss the playlist you share with the setters group. 

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Sort by the information that matters to you. Use filters to quickly view athletes by position, grad year or user activity.

  3. See who’s doing their homework. Getting athletes to watch video can be like pulling teeth. Hold them accountable with activity tracking.

  4. Restore athletes.  Accidentally delete an athlete? No worries, you can always restore them.