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Course 8:   Highlights + Recruiting

Lesson 2:   Showcase Your Team & Athletes

  1. Create highlights from your matches. Find the moment and create a clip. Edit the clip, then choose whether it’s a team or athlete highlight. It’s that simple. 

  2. Use stats to find the best moments. Filter your matches to easily find your team’s key plays. A few clicks later and boom — it’s a highlight.

  3. Apply effects to your highlight. We have awesome tools to take your reels to the next level. Add music, slides, spot shadows and arrows to spice it up. 

  1. Pro Tips

  2. Hit em with the best plays first. You might only have 30 seconds to grab a college recruiter’s attention. Don’t just organize by your schedule. 

  3. Keep it short. Recruiters’ inboxes fill up with highlight reels every day. Cut a good ten minute highlight into an awesome two minute highlight so they actually watch the whole thing.

  4. Show versatility. A series of kills will display an outside hitter’s strength. But if they’re a six-rotation player, recruiters need to know if they can also block, play defense and pass the ball.

  5. Don’t repeat plays. Don’t worry, they saw it the first time. 

  6. Make the athlete easy to find. Use spot shadows to showcase the right athlete. Otherwise the recruiter might try to contact your libero who’s already committed.

  7. Watch our volleyball highlights online class.  Learn how to get your team and athletes noticed with highlights.