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Course 2:   Capture Great Video

Lesson 2:   Match Day Tips

  1. Know where to record. The best vantage point is high up, centered behind the end line on your side of the net. It can be a tight squeeze, but recording from this angle gives you a better ability to analyze positioning and see jersey numbers.

  2. Prepare for alternate setups. If getting behind the end line isn’t possible, get in line with the net and capture as much of the court as possible. Pan smoothly between sides. If you can’t make that work, your third option is to set up diagonally from the corner of your end line.

  3. Use a tripod for smoother video. No one wants to watch shaky video. Plus the height of a tripod can help you reach that perfect vantage point.

  4. Record from a high vantage point. Nope, this isn’t déjà vu, we did already say this. But it’s super important, so we wanted to really drive it home. 

  5. Set your filmer up for success.  Share our match day tips with them so they’re equipped to capture the best video possible. 

  1. During the Action

  2. Switch sides between sets. You’ll want to see your players, not the net. Switching sides with your team guarantees a great view. Plus, carrying your tripod around can count as your workout for the day.

  3. Record the scoreboard. Take quick scoreboard shots throughout the match, especially at the end of each set. This will help our Hudl Assist analysts as they tag and you during review.

  4. Capture referee signals. Keep the referee in the frame so you can capture their signals throughout the match. 

  5. Go easy on the zoom. Stay far enough away to get both teams without using the zoom too often — you’ll thank yourself later.

  6. Only pause at timeouts. To keep up with the flow of the match, only pause at timeouts or between sets.