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Course 4:   Your Stats, Your Way

As of March 13, 2023, Hudl Academy will be undergoing changes. While this site is under construction, please connect with our tutorials, classes, or YouTube channel for up-to-date information on all Hudl products and workflows.

Lesson 2:   Customize Your Analysis

  1. Use custom tags. Track what matters most to your team. Maybe you’re deciding between sticking with a classic 4 – 4-2, or becoming more defense-focused with a long ball strategy. Create a custom tag so you can quickly compare the two. 

  2. Add additional tags. Once you create a custom tag for crosses”, add an additional tag to note if the play ended in a goal or not. 

  1. Not sure where to begin? Use these examples to get started.

  2. Yellow/​red card. Track penalties so you can see the moments leading up to the referee blowing the whistle (and the aftermath).

  3. Header. Goals scored by headers really get the crowd going. And they can get your highlight reel going, too. Make it easy to find all of your headers with a custom tag for it.

  4. Key pass. Your best strikers still rely on great assists to score. Track who came in clutch with the key pass. Take it a step further by adding an additional tag outlining where they passed it from. 

  5. Interception. Tackling isn’t always the best way to get the ball back from an opponent. See how many times your players saw where the ball was headed and stopped it from getting there by inter­cept­ing it instead. 

  6. Throw-in. They may seem like a small part of the match, but a good throw-in to set up the next play can be key in your team’s possession of the ball. Tag the good, the bad and the ugly ones to remind your team of their importance.