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Course 9:   A Guide to Hudl Assist

As of March 13, 2023, Hudl Academy will be undergoing changes. While this site is under construction, please connect with our tutorials, classes, or YouTube channel for up-to-date information on all Hudl products and workflows.

Lesson 4:   After We Finish Your Breakdown

  1. Check your email. No need to refresh your page over and over. We’ll send all coaches and team admins an email when we’re done with your stats. You’ll also have a noti­fi­ca­tion at the top of your library page.

  2. Edit tags. Did a shot #14 took get mistakenly attributed to #15? Our Assist analysts are the best of the best, but they’re only human. If you notice a mistake in your tags, editing is quick and easy.

  3. Complete unknown athlete tags. Whether it’s because of hard-to-read jersey numbers or a too-far-away filmer, sometimes we can’t tag player stats. The good news is it’s super quick for you to go in and complete unknown player stats. 

  4. Check out your reports. Don’t wait to dig into the advanced reports you get back with your breakdown. Check out our soccer reports course to learn more. 

  5. Create playlists to build your lessons. Filter by tags in your video to find moments for individual review or team review. Head over to course five to see what we mean.