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Course 4:   Your Stats, Your Way

Lesson 1:   Tag Your Stats

  1. Link your video with stats. You already know stats are valu­able, and prob­a­bly track them in some way. But when you use Hudl to tag your games, you’ll be adding that data direct­ly to the video. Every key play can now be found in an instant, then saved as a clip for fur­ther review. (We’ll dive more into that in course five.)

  2. Add stats after the game. You can track full team and play­er stats directly on the game video from your computer. 

  3. Send your games to Hudl Assist. Less work, more play. Check out Hudl Assist for ice hockey and let us han­dle the stats, so you can save your time and ener­gy for coach­ing. This is how easy it is to sub­mit a game.

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Edit tags. Notice a shot that should be attrib­uted to #6, not #16? No big­gie, it’s super easy to change it.

  3. Add individual tags. Whether you don’t want to tag the whole game, or you notice a tag got left out the first time around, you can add tags one-by-one.