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Course 3:   Uploads + Exchanges

Lesson 1:   Upload Your Video

  1. First things first — test your network’s connection. Your upload speed can only be as fast as the net­work it’s on. Run a speed test to make sure your Wi-Fi will do the job. 

  2. Upload camera files from the web. It’s a breeze — just drag and drop the files into your brows­er and watch the mag­ic happen.

  3. Try an iPad. No need to buy a fan­cy cam­era. Use an iPad and the Hudl app to record and upload your video.

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Double-check your video type is supported. Nine times out of 10, it will be. Take a look at our sup­port­ed file types if you’re ever unsure.

  3. Add video details right away. Attach your video to a sched­ule entry, add cus­tom labels, and share it, all before it’s even uploaded. Bonus — stay­ing busy will make the upload fly by.

  4. Get video from your device’s camera roll. Accidentally record video in your device’s cam­era app? Don’t sweat it. Just trans­fer the video from your device. And be sure to record in the Hudl app next time.