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Course 8:   Highlights + Recruiting

Lesson 3:   Share Highlights with Recruiters

  1. Send recruiting packages. We’ve made it easy for you to help your ath­letes reach the next lev­el. Send their high­lights and full game videos to col­lege recruiters straight from your Hudl account. 

  2. Jog your memory. Can’t remem­ber which recruiters you sent pack­ages to? You can always view your sent recruit­ing pack­ages.

  3. Keep profiles updated. Ensure recruiters get access to the cur­rent infor­ma­tion they need. 

  1. Pro Tips

  2. Rank honestly. The rank you give your athletes will only be seen by you and the recruiter. 

  3. Keep your information updated. Recruiters can’t get in touch with your athletes if the old head coach is still listed as your team’s primary contact.