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Course 7:   A Guide to Ice Hockey Reports

Lesson 1:   Start with the Basics

  1. Reports are based on your tags. Whether you tagged the game your­self or sent it to Hudl Assist, the stats will auto­mat­i­cal­ly populate your reports. 

  2. Stats are linked to video. Click any under­lined stat to view the video asso­ci­at­ed with it. From there, you can cre­ate a playlist or high­light in just a few more clicks. 

  3. Scout opponents. If you have video with stats from anoth­er team, Hudl’s reports will help you learn their ten­den­cies to pre­pare like nev­er before. 

  4. Dive deeper into key stats. Hover over any stat to see what it means and how it’s calculated.

  5. Use filters to customize your report. You can see stats from one or mul­ti­ple games, for your full team or for a sin­gle ath­lete. However you want to look at the data, it’s possible.