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Course 4:   Your Stats, Your Way

Lesson 2:   Customize Your Analysis

  1. Use custom tags. Track what matters most to your team. Need to evaluate if your team would be more efficient in a zone or man-to-man defense? Create a custom tag so you can quickly analyze and compare the two.

  2. Add additional tags. Once you create a custom tag for triple threat position”, add an additional tag to explain which offensive option they chose — either a pass, shot or dribble. 

  1. Not sure where to begin? Use these examples to get started.

  2. Fast break—Track this offensive strategy and challenge your team to push the pace of the game by showing how much it helps set up for scoring opportunities. 

  3. Full-court press—See whether or not the pressure helped and if it led to the turnover you were hoping for. Or analyze how well your team was able to break the press.

  4. Pick-and-roll—If you play the same team multiple times throughout the season, fuel your game plan by seeing if a pick-and-roll to the left or right was more effective. 

  5. Box out—If your team is struggling with rebounds, track how many times they box out (or not) with a custom tag.

  6. Post-up—Teach your center to be more aggressive by reviewing how strong or weak they were in the post area.

  7. Screen—Teamwork makes the dream work. Show your athletes examples of screens that were set well and helped open up the offense.