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Course 3:   Uploads + Exchanges

Lesson 1:   Upload Your Video

  1. First things first — test your network’s connection. Your upload speed can only be as fast as the network it’s on. Run a speed test to make sure your Wi-Fi will do the job. 

  2. Upload camera files from the web. It’s a breeze — just drag and drop the files into your browser and watch the magic happen.

  3. Try an iPad. No need to buy a fancy camera. Use an iPad and the Hudl app to record & upload your video.

  1. Pro Tips

  2. Double-check your video type is supported. Nine times out of 10, it will be. Take a look at our supported file types if you’re ever unsure.

  3. Add video details right away. Attach your video to a schedule entry, add custom labels and share it, all before it’s even uploaded. Plus staying busy will make the upload fly by. (Kinda like the watched pot never boils thing.)

  4. Get video from your device’s camera roll. Accidentally record video in your device’s camera app? Don’t sweat it. Just transfer the video from your device. And be sure to record in the Hudl app next time.