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Zoom in on Focus.

Take a look at the nuts and bolts.

Key Features

  • Automatic recording
  • Livestreaming capabilities that can be monetized on your terms
  • 180-degree panoramic high-quality video
  • The only camera that integrates with Hudl
  • Real-time ball tracking
  • Stereo sound recording of announcers, whistles and crowd
  • Self-updating technology
  • Permanent fixed mount
  • Records all indoor sports played in a gym

Size & Weight

  • Height: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
  • Width: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
  • Depth: 8 inches (20.32 cm)
  • Weight: 7 pounds (3.17515 kg)

In the Box

Your Focus camera comes with everything you need to install it:

  • Camera unit
  • Power cable (6 feet)
  • Mount
  • Bolts (4)
  • Washers (4)
  • Nuts (4)
  • Concrete screws (4)
  • Allen wrench

Get Connected

Hudl Focus connects to your network with a single ethernet cable. Don’t worry if your connection’s down at game time—Focus will record based on your game schedule and upload when everything’s back online.

Read more about the installation and technical requirements for Focus.

Go Mobile

Think of the Hudl Focus app as your camera’s remote control.

Download it from the App Store or Google Play to start and stop recordings whenever you want.


No confusing instruction manuals here. Rely on comprehensive tutorials, how-to videos and user guides to get the help you need.


Our team can answer any questions you have about pricing and how Hudl Focus can benefit your coaching team.