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The Camera That Changes How You See the Game

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The all-new Focus Flex portable camera delivers a whole new angle on video capture for teams at every level.

Ready for effortless capture from anywhere?

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Capture, analyze and share on one platform.

Focus Flex is the only portable football camera on the market that’s fully integrated with Hudl and goes anywhere your team needs it.

Focus Flex camera
A Focus Flex camera set up on a football pitch with players in view

HD video including tactical wide angle and practice mode ensuring you never miss a moment.

Automatic uploads via Wi-Fi or 4G*, making your review processes faster than ever.

A football team watching and analyzing their game footage
A football team playing a game on the pitch with a Focus Flex camera in the foreground

Analyze and share key moments with your team.

See it for yourself.

Thumbnail for the Tactical Angle video clip

Tactical Angle

Take your game to the next level.

Plug in and set up in a few quick steps.

See how

Adjust the height for
the perfect view.

Configure your camera from 5-a-side through to 11-a-side with agile calibrations.

Make the video capture process easy.

Spend less time on filming and more time on analysis.

The AI-powered tracking system follows the action automatically.

The Hudl Focus app gives you total control over your camera.

Live integration with Hudl Sportscode

Enhance your live analysis workflow through integration with Hudl Sportscode, for fully customisable performance analysis.

Never miss a moment.

Focus Flex has an extra-wide tactical angle ensuring a minimum of 20 players will always be in view. Plus, you’ll have enough storage for 100+ matches.

Video available immediately after upload.

Your video uploads automatically with built-in 4G capability* or Wi-Fi to your Hudl library. That means you’ll be able to get your video quickly for post-match review.

Keep everything protected.

You’ll receive Focus Flex in a protective, waterproof backpack with designated storage areas for all the accessories that power your camera.

A closeup photo of the Hudl Focus Flex backpack
A Hudl Focus Flex backpack with a camera sitting beside it
A Hudl Focus Flex backpack in front of stadium seats

Get Focus Flex

Focus Flex is available now, get in touch to learn more and talk about pricing.

*Available to purchase through Hudl. Coverage is not available in some areas. Terms and conditions apply.