Hudl Sportscode FAQ

General Information

What’s Hudl Sportscode?

Hudl Sportscode is a complete rebuild of Sportscode, our performance analysis software that helps teams win through fully customizable workflows.

What are the main differences between Sportscode and Hudl Sportscode?

Hudl Sportscode is a faster and more pow­er­ful version of Sportscode. The archi­tec­ture of the new prod­uct is far more flex­i­ble, meaning we’ll be able to build new features quicker and con­tin­ue to lead the performance industry in the future.

What isn’t available?

A small number of version 11 features are not available in Hudl Sportscode. Others, such as the edit window and new movie package feature, have been replaced by more streamlined workflows.

Keep reading for more detailed information.

  • Hotkeys: Most of the hotkeys available in version 11 also work in Hudl Sportscode. The majority of hotkeys that don't work will be added later this year.
  • Package Operations: The ability to combine and stack timelines will be available in a future release, along with support for multiple timelines in a package. In the meantime, you can navigate to File > Edit > Video to add video files to an existing video package.
  • Playlist Operations: You’ll be able to add slides to a sorter in a future release, and have the ability to export video files with overlay text and drawings.
  • Matrix Operations: Some of these operations (such as sending clips to a sorter/organizer) will be available in future releases. We're working on the ability to modify drawing properties (such as line color and weight), and also have plans for more advanced effects in the future.
  • Statistics Window: We understand the value of this feature, and we're reconsidering it in the context of charts and visualizations in a future release.

What’s on the Hudl Sportscode roadmap?

Here’s what we have planned beyond the first release:

  • Integration with Hudl Replay
  • Tighter integration with other Hudl products
  • Improved drawing tools
  • Live third-party data imports
  • Charts and tables
  • We’ll continue to work on many other enhancements for future releases of Hudl Sportscode.

    How do I learn more about Hudl Sportscode?

    We have a full suite of educational resources available here.

    I have an active Sportscode license. Can I just start using Hudl Sportscode?

    Yes, your existing Sportscode subscription registration code will work with Hudl Sportscode. If you already have Sportscode installed and registered on your Mac, Hudl Sportscode will open and you won’t be asked to register. If you don’t already have Sportscode installed and registered, then you’ll be prompted to enter your registration code. The registration and deregistration process is the same as it was in Sportscode.

    Do I have to download Hudl Sportscode immediately?

    No, you can determine the best time for you and your organization to make the transition. We'd encourage you to try out the new version and its current feature set before making this decision.

    How do I download it?

    You can download Hudl Sportscode here. If you already have a beta version, you can upgrade from within the application.

    Hudl Sportscode is a separate application to version 11. You cannot upgrade to Hudl Sportscode from within version 11, but you can have both installed on the same computer, and use both applications in parallel.


    Does Hudl Sportscode work with Hudl?

    Yes, the first release works similarly to version 11. You can upload a Sportscode video (with data) or a Sportscode playlist to your Hudl library. We plan to make even more integration improvements going forward.

    Does Hudl Sportscode work with Hudl Replay?

    Not yet, but soon! We’re working on this now and will keep Hudl Replay users informed of the latest updates.

    What language is Hudl Sportscode available in?

    This first release of Hudl Sportscode will be available in U.S. English. Other languages will be provided in the coming months.

    Will my existing code windows work in Hudl Sportscode?

    Yes, they will all work in Hudl Sportscode.

    Will my existing Sportscode video packages work in Hudl Sportscode?

    Hudl Sportscode uses a new video package structure, but your existing Sportscode packages can be upgraded very easily—just open them in Hudl Sportscode. You can also downgrade Hudl Sportscode packages to Sportscode. In both cases, a copy of the package is made so your original package is unaltered. Our product team is working on a batch conversion tool to upgrade your existing packages.

    Can my existing Organizers and Sorters be opened in Hudl Sportscode?

    We’ve made some major improvements to Organizers and Sorters in Hudl Sportscode, and the consequence is that your existing files can’t be used. But you can create a database from your existing Organizers or Sorters and convert these files to Hudl Sportscode video packages.

    Which local capture devices does Hudl Sportscode support?

    Hudl Sportscode will work with most local capture devices supported by the Apple AVFoundation framework, though we recommend using either the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder, or the AJA U-TAP.

    Can you record multiple angles in Hudl Sportscode with a single Mac?

    Yes! Contact your local sales manager to confirm whether multi-angle capture is available on your package.

    If you don’t have IP feeds available, you can use a hardware encoder to convert your HDMI or SDI feed into an IP stream. Hudl Sportscode will work with hardware encoders that generate RTSP or RTMP feeds, though we recommend using one of these Antrica devices.

    What operating systems will Hudl Sportscode run on?

    You’ll need either macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).

    What about Sportscode v11?

    It won’t run on macOS Catalina, which is due for release in September. For this reason, it’s imperative that you update your Sportscode computers to macOS 10.14 (Mojave) as soon as possible, and purchase any new computers before Catalina is released. This will give you the most flexibility on transitioning to Hudl Sportscode.


    What’s available in Hudl Sportscode?

    Most of the core features of Sportscode are available in this first version of Hudl Sportscode. Several workflows have been streamlined to save coaches, analysts and video coordinators time, including importing and aligning video and data, trimming and extending clips, and drawing on video. There are also new features like multi-angle capture, and a new playlist component for building presentations and sharing video and data with players. You can learn more about these new tools here.

    What about video capture solutions?

    Hudl Sportscode supports IP capture via RTP, RTMP and RTSP. This first release doesn’t support capturing from Hudl Focus cameras, but we’ll add that capability soon.

    Which data can I import into Hudl Sportscode?

    Hudl Sportscode supports the Sportscode XML format, Synergy, Opta Football and Opta Rugby, and will also support DFL and Champion Data shortly. The Opta Football import now includes rows for possessions, sequences, corners, free kicks, crosses and shots at goal. There are similar improvements for Opta Rugby, and users can now import X/Y location data. You can also configure how third-party data is formatted on the timeline, and we plan to support other data sets in future releases, including CSV files.

    Where are Timeline Share, Stacked Timeline Share and Mirror Codes?

    These workflows have all been replaced with Live Sharing. You can now live share video and data from a capturing computer, and live import one or all of the video and data streams on other computers. The video and data are now transmitted much faster—six to eight seconds for video and four to six seconds for data.

    What’s a Playlist?

    It’s the new way to create presentations and share clips with your team. It isn't a replacement for the Organizer or Sorter, these are simply two different types of a playlist. In the first release of Hudl Sportscode, you determine whether a playlist is viewed as an Organizer or Sorter when you create it, but in future releases, you'll be able to switch between the two views.

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