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Create a Report in the Scouting Area

  1. Open your APP Drawer and click on Scouting Area.

  2. Click on New Report.

  3. Choose the type of report you need.

  4. Select a template from the list.

  5. Search for the player or team you want to analyze.

  6. Select the match(es) you want to include. Click Continue.

  7. Fill in your new report.

  8. Click Share and select one of the sharing options, then click Save.

  • Only Me: No one else but your own user profile will have access.
  • My group managers: You and the group managers will have access.
  • All my group members: Everyone in your group will have access.
  • My organization managers: You and the administrators at organization-level will have access.

If you're unsure about whether you are a group manager or organization administrator, reach out to the person within your organization that is responsible for Wyscout access.