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Create a Players List

  1. Log in to Wyscout and click the central icon. Select Players Lists.

  2. Click New list.

  3. Give the list a title, permissions and optional description. Click Confirm.

  4. Click on your newly created players list to open and edit it.

  5. Select Add player.

  6. Use the Search for Player tab to search for and add a single player to your list.

  7. Use the Add from Team tab to select one or more players from a specified team. Click Add to add the player(s) to the list and keep adding more, or Add and Continue to add the selected player(s) and return to the players list.

  8. From the Display drop-down menu choose the set of stats to show.

  9. Click the table icon to customize the stats you want to display.

  10. Select which columns to display. Click Apply.

  11. From the “Timeframe” drop-down menu choose the timeframe of your interest (can be customized clicking the icon on the right).

  12. Switch to Compare mode to see a vertical side-by-side comparison of the players in the list.