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Capture Video

What does high quality film look like?

  1. Good Camera Height

    • Be sure to capture the entire game action, without excluding any portion of the field relevant to the game.
  2. HD Film (1080p)

    • The optimal resolution to allow our experts to correctly tag every event and link it to the correct player.
  3. Follows the action and includes players relevant to the play

    • All players participating in the above action must be included durning the shoot, in order not to miss any play.
  4. Remove any Water on Camera Lens

    • If it is raining help by removing the drops from the camera lens with a cloth or sleeve regularly throughout the match. Try to do this while the play has stopped.
  5. Good Camera Position Relative to Sunlight

    • It is essential that there are no solar flares that can temporarily obscure the vision of the players on the pitch.
  6. Zooms in so that Kit Numbers are Clear and Legible

    • Linking each shirt number to the player is critical to the final accuracy of the tagging

Best Practices

  1. Film the Pre-Match Lineups

    • We ask that teams film pre-match lineups right up to kickoff to help improve Wyscout tagging operations.

    This film helps us identify:

    • What players are wearing
    • Where players stand at kickoff
    • The formation
    • Who is playing where in the formation
  2. Filming the Scoreboard at Full-time

    • If available, we request the scoreboard to be filmed at the end of the match if there is on available.
    • This will help identify that the teams and score are correct
  3. Film Substitutes Entering

    • Helps us identify both who is coming on and off the field of play.
    • If we know the formation, capturing who is subbing in will be reflected in the formation statistics.
  4. When to Stop Filming

    • It is important to have 1 file for the whole game.
    • Pause filming at half time and re-start for the second half (rather than stopping the recording).
    • Do not stop filming during any stoppages in play
    • Keep noise to a minimum. Try not speaking or create any noise throughout filming because the camera will pick it up.
  5. Uploading Film to Wyscout

    • Only upload the match as a single file.

Common Issues

  1. Film not Zoomed Enough

    • Zoom in enough to see the numbers of the players in the vicinity of play.
    • Be careful not to zoom in too much though, because it can become difficult to follow the action as the ball is passed.
  2. Important Sections of Field and Play Missing

    • We want to make sure to keep the ball and relevant players in frame.
    • We can accomplish this by keeping the play to left third or right third of the frame:
      • As play moves from left to right, keep the play in the left third of the screen.
      • As play moves from right to left, keep the play in the right third of the screen.
  3. Non-HD (1080p) Film

    • It is imperative to use a camera that films in 1080p HD.
    • This ensures a level of film quality that enables ease of tagging.
  4. Camera at Field Level

    • We recognize that filming at field level might be unavoidable.
    • Filming at field level can present a challenge as players entering frame can obscure the view of the camera operator focusing on the play.
  5. Camera Set Up in a Corner of the Pitch

    • If the center of the pitch is unavailable, the camera should be set up as close to midfield as possible.
  6. Problems with Solar Glare

    • If the sun is shining directly into the camera, it can create shadows and a glare that obscures numbers from view.