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Download your Invoice

If you are in a group with more than one user, the person who manages the Wyscout for your company has the capability to do the following action, If you are not this person, please refer to him/​her

  1. Log in to Wyscout and click on the profile icon.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Select Invoices.

  4. This page will show your payments history. Click on Download to save an invoice.


How do I make a change to my invoice?
Easy! Please contact us at with your request(s). Be sure to include the invoice number in your email. Our team will handle it from there.

I cannot see the Invoices tab in my Account Settings. Why?
This means you are not the administrator of the account. Please ask your administrator to download the invoice for you. If you feel that this is a mistake, and you should be the administrator for your team, please contact your account executive or our support team at

How can I change the credit card related to my account?
No problem! Please contact us at with your request. Be sure to include your username and account number in your email, but please do not include any credit card details in your email. We will send you a link where you can add your new credit card details.