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Video Settings

At the bottom of the video player, there are a number of settings for you to customize your video experience.


Use the thought bubble icon to show or hide comments your team has made as you watch video.

Gear Icon

Click on the gear icon to view a window of additional settings.

  • Event Timing - Dictates when the video begins. For example, if you have filtered for serves and your Event Timing is set to -2 sec, video clips will begin 2 seconds prior to each serve you've filtered for.
  • Pause on Event - If turned on, the video will automatically pause for you. No hotkeys required!
  • Pause Duration - If "Pause on Event" is turned on, Pause Duration dictates how long the video remains paused for before it resumes play.
  • Auto Skip to Next Event - If turned on, your video will automatically skip to the next video clip in your filter. Again, no hotkeys needed!
  • Auto Skip Delay - Dictates how long after the event occurs that you continue to watch video, before it automatically skips to the next event in the filtered list. For example, if you filter for sets and Auto Skip Delay is set to 4 seconds, you will see the set occur and continue to watch the rally for 4 more seconds until the player automatically skips to the next event you've filtered for.
  • Autoplay on Filter Changes - Defaults to 'on'. As you are using the filter, the video will update and begin to play.

If the video was recorded and uploaded with audio, turn the audio on or off using the speaker icon.

Full Screen

Go full screen by clicking on the arrows icon in the lower right-hand corner of the video player.

All of these video settings are also available while watching video in full screen.