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Read a Report

Cover Page

The cover page of each report indicates the focus team and the matches you selected to include in the report. Data for the report is pulled from these matches.

The cover page indicates whether the focus team began each set by serving or receiving, as well as which rotation they started in.


The second page of every report includes information about how to read the report. Similar but shorter tips may be found throughout the PDF.

Print the key and keep it next to you while you go through the report!

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents shows you every section provided as part of your report. (Sections included may change, depending on your subscription tier.) Click on any part of the Table of Contents to take you directly to that part of the report. Then, click on the Volleymetrics logo on any page to return to the Table of Contents.

More questions? Contact our Support team! We're happy to go more in-depth with you on an individual basis.