Navigate the Statistics Page

  1. Log into Volleymetrics and click on Stats.

  2. Select the team whose stats you want to look at.

    You will only be able to view stats for matches you have access to and which are analyzed.

  3. Select the year.

  4. Select the matches you want to view data for. Click on any square to select it or use Match Presets to select all wins/losses, home/away, or matches that went to a certain number of sets. Double-click to deselect.

    Hover over any square to view details about that match.

  5. Each category includes a small window of most commonly referenced statistics. Click on the green arrow to expand and view more statistics.

  6. Hover over any column title to see description.

    Key found on this page!

  7. Click on any column title to sort least to most. Click again to sort most to least.

  8. Filter based on Rotation, Score, Point Differential, Name or Position.

  9. Click on Scoring to compare the team's scoring statistics against their opponents'.