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Upload a DataVolley File

  1. Under the My Practices tab, navigate to the practice you want to upload your DVW file to. Click on the event to open it.

  2. In the Actions menu, click Upload next to DVW File.

  3. Read over the requirements, then click Continue With Upload.

    Take note of the DVW Upload Requirements. If these aren't complete, the file will not upload.

    A few commonly missed requirements:
    Lineups need to be filled in for each set.
    A point has to be assigned somewhere in the file.

  4. Select the DVW file on your computer. Press Open.

  5. Once the DVW uploads successfully, you'll see the data points populate under the Open Presets button.

Still having issues successfully uploading a DVW? Here are a few common things to check:

  • Lineups must be filled in for all sets.
  • A point must be assigned somewhere in the file.
  • The code **drill is known to cause upload failure.
  • All player numbers in the DVW file must be listed on the team's Volleymetrics roster in order to parse correctly.