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Adjust Volleymetrics Camera Firmware

  1. Go to and enter your camera model in the search bar.

    If you don’t know your camera model, you can find it at the top of the screen when you log into the Axis camera through a web browser.

  2. Scroll down to Support and Resources.

  3. Click Go to Documentation and Software.

  4. Download the firmware file you need.

    Volleymetrics is not currently compatible with Axis camera firmware 10.1.0 or higher. Please choose a 9.x.x firmware for your device at this time.

  5. Open the Axis camera web app. Click Settings in the bottom right-hand corner.

  6. Navigate to System > Maintenance.

  7. In the “Firmware Upgrade” section, click Select File and choose the firmware file you just downloaded.

  8. Select the upgrade type you need.

    • If you are rolling back firmware from 10.1.0 or higher, select Factory default.
    • If you are upgrading your firmware, select standard upgrade.
  9. Click Upgrade.

  10. If you factory reset the camera, make sure IT helps reassign the public address IP to the camera and reconfigure all the settings as outlined in the Camera Installation Guide.