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Camera Info for your IT Department

This information should be given to your IT department to help them set up your Volleymetrics camera.

Overview of the Volleymetrics Recording Process

  1. The coaching staff will log in to the Volleymetrics online portal and enter their schedule.

  2. About 30 minutes before the match is scheduled to start, the portal will contact the camera with the START_RECORDING command.

  3. The camera will record to its internal memory card, significantly reducing the bandwidth consumed by the camera.

  4. Once the match is over, the camera compresses the video segments and sends them to the Volleymetrics online portal.

  5. The video segments are unzipped, merged and uploaded to your team’s storage.

  6. The coaches and players will then be able to log in to watch and download video.

Additional Information

All incoming traffic from the VolleyMetrics portal is HTTP over port 80, unless otherwise specified by an IT department (accepted ports include 8000-8999). All camera responses and video files are also sent via HTTP. Only these servers will be involved in either inbound or outbound traffic, so you can blacklist everything else if you want. Please ensure the following IP addresses are whitelisted:


You may also be asked to help with assigning a public IP address to the camera. Please see our Camera Installation Guidelines for more information. The IP address, along with the username and password, will need to be given to the coaching staff so they can record from the camera. Please allow the coaching staff access to the root or Administrator account on the camera in case they need to adjust any settings during the season.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.