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Upload Video

Before you start your upload, make sure your video is ready to go. For help, check out the Prepare Video for Upload tutorial.

The faster and more reliable your internet connection, the faster your video will upload. Plugging into ethernet will also help.

  1. Log in to Volleymetrics and click on Matches.

  2. Select the event from the list of scheduled entries.

  3. Click Upload.

  4. Select your video file and click Open.

  5. Leave this window open until the upload is complete.

Be careful not to upload a scoresheet while your video is uploading. This will refresh the page and interrupt the video upload.

When the Upload is Complete
After you upload a video, it will need time to transcode. While it is doing this, the screen will switch to a message that says, “Video is being processed. Please try again later.” This usually takes 20-30 minutes, but may take longer for large files. If it remains this way for longer than 1 hour, contact Volleymetrics Support.

Once both the video and scoresheet(s) have been successfully uploaded, the yellow triangle icon will disappear, indicating that no further action is needed.