Manage Storage Hours

Managing storage hours is the key to keeping your account clean and within its allotted storage. 

Quickly check your storage hours from your video library.
Not sure what to delete? Check out these tips.
To clear storage hours but save your video, download and save it to your computer
Don't need a copy? Learn how to delete

Check Storage Hours

All game, opponent scout and practice video will count towards your storage hours. Any additional playlists created from these videos will not count towards your storage hours. 

Storage hours are tracked by program. For example, a boys' basketball program that has a Varsity, JV and Freshmen team with accounts count toward the same storage allotment. 

Video from previous seasons does count towards the program's total storage allotment, as the allotment does not reset every season.

Only team administrators and coach­es can down­load video.

  1. Login to and select Video.

  2. You’ll see the num­ber of hours being used and the total num­ber of hours avail­able for your pro­gram. Below this, you’ll see a break­down of how many hours each team in your pro­gram is using. 

  3. To nav­i­gate to anoth­er team in your pro­gram and man­age their stor­age, click the hyper­linked team name.

    If the team name is not hyper­linked, you’re not list­ed as a coach on that team. Reach out to a team admin to be added to the team.

Tips for Managing Your Storage

  1. Start with scout film. 
    After you play a team, you're probably not meeting them again that season. And chances are the scout film you have on your rival school from four years ago isn't needed either. Pro Tip: Use the filters on the left side of your video library to see all the scout film in your account. 

  2. Check the other teams in the program.
    You may want to keep the video on your varsity team winning the district championship, but it might be easier to part ways with your JV team's film. Navigate between teams in the top left corner of your account.

  3. Look back to previous years.
    Use the filters on the left side of your to quickly find your oldest videos. 

  4. Save the memories before you delete.
    When you delete a video from the library, highlights that were created using that video won't be affected. So even if you delete the last minute comeback win video over your rivals, any highlights from it will be still remain. So if you want to save the best moments, but also an hour of storage, follow the steps in this tutorial before deleting.

  5. Get more storage. 
    When you just need more storage, check out this page to see your options.

Download a Copy

You don't have to lose the video forever—download it to save on your computer or an external hard drive. After you download, remember to delete to clear storage space.

Note: Only team admins and coaches can download video.

  1. Log in to and click Video.

  2. Hover over the video or playlist you’d like to download and click Details.

    To download multiple videos at once, hold command + A (Mac), control + A (PC) on your keyboard or check the circle in the top left of the video thumbnail, then click Download in the blue bar at the top of your screen.

  3. Click the action menu.

  4. Select  Email Download Link to receive an email with the download link. 

  5. If you're downloading a playlist, choose whether you'd like it in a single file or multiple files, then click Download.

  6. If you chose to have it emailed, open the email and click the download link. Your video will open in your Downloads folder. If the game has been tagged, the data will be included with the download email.

    Downloading video does not remove it from your Hudl library. It will remain in your library and count as storage hours until you delete it. 

Delete Video

When you delete video, the video will be permanently removed from your library. Playlists and highlights originally created from the video will remain intact.

  1. Log into and click Video.

  2. Hover over the video(s) you’d like to delete and check the circle.

  3. If your library is shown in list view, check the circle to the left of the video(s) you’d like to delete. 

  4. Click Delete.

  5. Click Yes, delete to confirm.

    To restore any video, playlist or file delet­ed in the last 180 days follow these steps.