Manage Storage

Managing stor­age hours is the key to keep­ing your account clean and with­in its allot­ted stor­age. 

To clear stor­age hours but save your video, down­load and save it to your com­put­er
Don’t need a copy? Learn how to delete
Not sure what to delete? Check out these tips.

Download a Copy

You don’t have to lose the video for­ev­er — down­load it to save on your com­put­er or an exter­nal hard dri­ve. After you down­load, remem­ber to delete to clear stor­age space.

Note: Only team admins and coach­es can down­load video.

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com and click Video.

  2. Hover over the video or playlist you’d like to down­load and click Details.

    To down­load mul­ti­ple videos at once, check the cir­cle in the top left of the video thumb­nail to select videos, then click Download in the blue bar at the top of your screen.

  3. Click the action menu.

  4. Select Download Now to start your down­load imme­di­ate­ly, or Email Download Link to receive an email with the down­load link. 

    The option to down­load now is only avail­able for recent­ly uploaded videos.

  5. If you’re down­load­ing a playlist imme­di­ate­ly, choose whether you’d like it in a sin­gle file or mul­ti­ple files, then click Download.

  6. If you chose to have it emailed, open the email and click the down­load link. Your video will open in your Downloads folder.

    Downloading video does not remove it from your Hudl library. It will remain in your library and count as stor­age hours until you delete it. 

Delete Video

When you delete video, the video will be per­ma­nent­ly removed from your library. Playlists and high­lights orig­i­nal­ly cre­at­ed from the video will remain intact.

  1. Log into Hudl​.com and click Video.

  2. Hover over the video(s) you’d like to delete and check the cir­cle.

  3. If your library is shown in list view, check the cir­cle to the left of the video(s) you’d like to delete. 

  4. Click Delete.

  5. Click Yes, delete to con­firm.

    This is a per­ma­nent action — use with cau­tion. Click Undo in the bot­tom right cor­ner to imme­di­ate­ly restore the video. 

Tips for Managing Your Storage

  1. Start with scout film. 
    After you play a team, you’re prob­a­bly not meet­ing them again that sea­son. And chances are the scout film you have on your rival school from four years ago isn’t need­ed either. Pro Tip: Use the fil­ters on the left side of your video library to see all the scout film in your account. 

  2. Check the oth­er teams in the pro­gram.
    You may want to keep the video on your var­si­ty team win­ning the dis­trict cham­pi­onship, but it might be eas­i­er to part ways with your JV team’s film. Navigate between teams in the top left cor­ner of your account.

  3. Look back to pre­vi­ous years.
    Use the fil­ters on the left side of your to quick­ly find your old­est videos. 

  4. Save the mem­o­ries before you delete.
    When you delete a video from the library, high­lights that were cre­at­ed using that video won’t be affect­ed. So even if you delete the last minute come­back win video over your rivals, any high­lights from it will be still remain. So if you want to save the best moments, but also an hour of stor­age, fol­low the steps in this tuto­r­i­al before deleting.

  5. Get more stor­age. 
    When you just need more stor­age, check out this page to see your options.