Restart a Stalled or Queued iOS Upload

If an upload is stuck on your iOS device, fol­low the steps below to troubleshoot.


Do not update or unin­stall the Hudl app — that’ll delete the video you’re try­ing to upload.

Force Quit The Hudl App

  1. Double tap the home but­ton on your iOS device. A thumb­nail ver­sion of all the apps you’re run­ning will appear — you can see all of your open apps by swip­ing left or right.

  2. Drag the thumb­nail of the Hudl app up off the screen. This will cause the app to force quit, then tap the home but­ton again to return to your nor­mal view.

Refresh your Wi-Fi connection

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.

  2. Select Wi-Fi.

  3. Toggle the Wi-Fi off, wait 10 – 15 sec­onds, then turn the wifi back on.

    Make sure the device suc­cess­ful­ly con­nects to Wi-Fi after tog­gling the set­ting back on.

Check the upload status.

  1. Open the Hudl App.

    Make sure you’re logged into the app as the same user that was logged in while recording

  2. Select the Syncing’ icon option in the bot­tom left cor­ner of the screen.

  3. Verify that the upload is now begin­ning to make progress.

  4. Leave the Hudl app open and keep the iPad from going to sleep or dying through­out the upload process.

If there’s no progress after fol­low­ing these steps, con­tact Hudl Support