Manually Load AVCHD Files

  1. Plug your cam­era into the computer.

  2. Click on the cam­era shown on your desk­top. Depending on the device type, this may be labeled Canon, Sony, Nikon, Removable, etc.

  3. Double-click PRIVATE to open.

  4. Double-click AVCHD.

  5. Double-click BDMV.

  6. Double-click STREAM.

  7. Select of all the files by hold­ing down CTRL + A. Right-click the files and select Copy Items. 

    To select all files in the fold­er, hit CTRL + A on your key­board. To select mul­ti­ple files, but not the entire fold­er, click the first file, press and hold the Shift key, then click the last file. 

  8. On your desk­top, right-click and select New Folder and type in the name of the folder. 

  9. Open the fold­er and right-click to Paste files into your new folder. 

  10. Upload your files using the web uploader.

  1. Plug your cam­era in to the com­put­er and open the Finder.

  2. Select your cam­era from the device options. 

    The name will depend on the device type; Canon, Sony, Niko, Removable, etc. 

  3. Double-click PRIVATE

  4. Right-click AVCHD and select Show Package Contents.

  5. Right-click BDMV and select Show Package Contents.

  6. Double-click STREAM.

  7. Copy all files with the exten­sion .MTS and paste them to a sep­a­rate fold­er on the com­put­er desktop. 

    To cre­ate a fold­er, right-click any­where on your desk­top and select New Folder.

  8. Follow these steps to upload your files to Hudl.