Lacrosse | Shot Chart Report

Field diagrams will differ based on team gender.

  1. Log in to and click Reports.

  2. Select Shot Chart.

  3. Click Scout a Different Team to change the team you’d like to scout. 

  4. Click View Other Games to select the game(s) you’d like featured in the report.

  5. Under Side, choose between the featured team or its opponents.

  6. Choose to view shots by zone or specific location. 

  7. Filter by Shot Type to limit the report to a specific type of shot.

  8. Click any zone on the shot chart to view video of all shots from within it.

Field diagrams will differ based on team gender.

  1. Log in to the Hudl app and tap Reports.

  2. Tap Shot Chart.

  3. Tap Scout a Different Team, then select the team you’d like to study. Confirm by tapping Use This Team.

  4. Tap View Other Games to select the game(s) you’d like featured in the report.

  5. Use the Side drop-down to change from the featured team to its opponents.

  6. Use the Breakdown filter to view shots by zone or specific location.

    Select a zone to view all shots from within it.

  7. Filter by Shot Type to limit the report to a specific type of shot.

  8. Tap any gray zone on the shot chart to watch all attempts within it.