Filter Video with the Matrix Report

If you don’t have access to the Matrix report fea­ture, con­tact your Hudl sales representative.

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com and click Reports.

  2. By default, the Matrix report will show data from all uploaded time­lines, and dis­play aver­ages. Use the fil­ters to either change the select­ed timeline(s) or to dis­play totals instead of averages.

  3. While select­ing which timeline(s) to dis­play, choose an indi­vid­ual time­line or spe­cif­ic selec­tion of time­lines by click­ing the check­mark next to the time­line list­ing. You can also choose a default group of time­lines from the Quick Groups options.

  4. Click any result to watch a playlist of those instances.

  5. Watch the instances as a playlist or click to jump to a spe­cif­ic instance.