Volleyball | Recommended Recording Workflow

Use these recording tips to get the best Hudl Assist breakdowns for volleyball.

Where to record from

  • Record behind your side of the net. Have your device far enough away to see both deep corners or high enough to get the full court in frame.
  • Switch sides between sets. This guarantees a great view of your players, not the net.

How you should record

  • Only pause at timeouts or between sets. Even if there is a call in question, keep recording so you can catch the outcome.
  • If you have a telephoto lens, attach it to your iPad or camera to improve film quality. 
  • Keep things in focus. Analysts can’t tag what they can’t see. 
  • Use the tripod to avoid shaky video. 
  • Go easy on the zoom. Starting with a good vantage point can save you from overusing the zoom function. 

What to record

  • Make sure you can clearly see jersey numbers and referee signals as you record.
  • Take quick scoreboard shots throughout the match — especially at the end of each set. Or try to include the scoreboard in your shot to make it easier to follow along.