Volleyball | Recommended Recording Workflow

Use these record­ing tips to get the best Hudl Assist break­downs for volleyball.

Where to record from

  • Record behind your side of the net. Have your device far enough away to see both deep cor­ners or high enough to get the full court in frame.
  • Switch sides between sets. This guar­an­tees a great view of your play­ers, not the net.
  • Record with Hudl Focus. Allow our smart cam­era to auto­mat­i­cal­ly record and upload high-qual­i­ty video for you. Learn more about Hudl Focus.

How you should record

  • Only pause at time­outs or between sets. Even if there is a call in ques­tion, keep record­ing so you can catch the outcome.
  • If you have a tele­pho­to lens, attach it to your iPad or cam­era to improve film quality. 
  • Keep things in focus. Analysts can’t tag what they can’t see. 
  • Use the tri­pod to avoid shaky video. 
  • Go easy on the zoom. Starting with a good van­tage point can save you from overus­ing the zoom function. 
  • Hold the iPad in land­scape mode for best results.

What to record

  • Make sure you can clear­ly see jer­sey num­bers and ref­er­ee sig­nals as you record.
  • Take quick score­board shots through­out the match — espe­cial­ly at the end of each set. Or try to include the score­board in your shot to make it eas­i­er to fol­low along.