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The count of ser­vice attempts lead­ing direct­ly to a point for the serv­ing team. A serve which lands in the opponent’s court with­out being touched or that is touched but can­not be con­trolled and returned.


Passing or set­ting the ball to a team­mate who attacks for a kill.

Attack Tendencies

The start point, end point, and result of every attack. 

Ball Handling Error

The count of attempt­ed sets result­ing in an ille­gal action called by the offi­cial such as dou­ble con­tact or lift.

Block Solos

The count of blocks by a sin­gle play­er result­ing in a point for the block­ing team. That play­er must be the only play­er attempt­ing to block the ball.

Block Assists

The count of blocks by 2 – 3 play­ers result­ing in a point for the block­ing team. Each play­er receives a block assist, even if only one play­er makes con­tact with the ball.

Deflected Attack

An attack that touch­es the oppos­ing blocker’s hands, caus­ing a change in the direc­tion or speed of the ball.

Hitting Attempt

Count of all kills, attack errors, and attacks in play.

Hitting Error

Count of attack attempts lead­ing direct­ly to a point for the oppos­ing team.

Hitting %

Measures a player’s hit­ting effi­cien­cy.
Kills — Errors / Total attempts


An attack that results direct­ly in a side-out and/​or point for the attack­ing team.

Service Rating 

The aver­age rat­ing for all serves.
0=Service error
1=Perfect pass
2=Good pass
3=Poor pass or over­pass

Serve Receive Rating 

The aver­age rat­ing for all serve-receives.
0=Service recep­tion error
1=Poor pass or over­pass
2=Good pass
3=Perfect pass

Service % 

Measures a player’s abil­i­ty to serve the ball in play.
Total serves — Serve errors / Total serves

Service Winning %

The per­cent­age of time the serv­ing team wins the point.
Service points won / Total serves

Side-Out %

The per­cent­age of time the receiv­ing team wins the point.
Receiving points won / Total oppo­nent serves


The count of ille­gal actions called by the offi­cial such as foot fault, in the net, or play­er out of rotation.

Zero Attack 

Any attack attempt that’s kept in play by the opposition.