Identify Unknown Player Tags

Some of the fac­tors that lead to unknown play­er stats are attrib­uted to poor video qual­i­ty, missed game action, or jer­sey col­ors, to name a few. Correcting unknown play­er stats will fall under three sep­a­rate scenarios:

  • The ath­lete wasn’t on the game’s roster
  • Could not iden­ti­fy the athlete
  • Could not fol­low the play
  1. Log into Hudl​.com and click Video.

  2. Select the game with unknown play­er stats.

    You can access the video in ques­tion direct­ly from the Assist Return Email or the Reports page for this game.

  3. Select Identify Unknowns.

  4. Hudl will prompt you through the steps to cor­rect each unknown tag based off the Info Note.

  5. With each cor­rect­ed tag, select Next.

  6. Select Save and Exit once all of the unknown tags have been corrected.

To get the best video for tag­ging, check out these record­ing tips.
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