Basketball | Recommended Recording Workflow

Check out these record­ing tips to make sure you get the best video for your team and for Hudl Assist. 

How you should record

  • Record the game in high-definition.
  • If a tele­pho­to lens is avail­able, attach it to your cam­era or iPad to improve film quality. 
  • Keep things in focus. It’s hard to tag what you can’t see. 
  • If pos­si­ble, record with audio. 
  • Hold the iPad in land­scape mode for best results.

What to record

  • Capture the entire court but avoid zooming. 
  • Record the score­board often and always at the end of every period. 
  • Capture as many ref­er­ee sig­nals as possible.
  • Make sure jer­sey num­bers are visible. 

Where to record from

  • Set up a hard dri­ve cam­era or iPad at cen­ter court, approx­i­mate­ly 10 rows up.
  • Record from a van­tage point that shows all play­ers on the court.
  • Limit poten­tial obstruc­tions to the cam­era: fans, equip­ment, etc. 

Tips for recording with an iPad

  • Make sure you have the lat­est ver­sion of the Hudl app.
  • Check the iPad for soft­ware updates. 
  • Clean up the stor­age on your iPad to make room for your game. 

Reasons your game might be rejected by Assist

  • If you sub­mit a scrim­mage that does not fol­low nor­mal game rules.
  • The video is out of order.
  • The zoom of video pre­vents us from see­ing the whole court.
  • The game is filmed from a bad angle.
  • There is some­thing in the way of the camera.
  • There are mul­ti­ple games in one event.

If the ana­lyst is unable to break down a game due to poor qual­i­ty, we’ll return it so you can upload a new copy. Turnaround time will no longer be guaranteed.