Basketball | Recommended Recording Workflow

  • Record in High-Definition*.
  • Set up a hard drive camera or iPad at center court, approximately 20 rows up.
  • If a telephoto lens is available, that may be used to improve quality.
  • Capture the entire court, but avoid zooming.
  • Be sure the person operating the camera keeps things in focus. Analysts cannot tag what they cannot see.
  • Record the scoreboard as much as possible – always at the end of every period.
  • Capture as many referee signals as possible.
  • Aim to capture jersey numbers.
  • Limit potential obstructions to the camera: fans, equipment, etc.
  • Record with audio.

*If the sports analyst is unable to stat a game due to poor quality, we will return it to the coach for re-uploading a new copy. A 24-hour turnaround will no longer be guaranteed.

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