Basketball | Hudl Assist FAQ

What data is included in my breakdown?

Want to learn more about how we tag stats? Visit our Hudl Assist Dictionary

Why was my game returned to me without any data?

It’s up to you to provide our analyst with clean footage to break down. If we can’t see a play, there’s potential the breakdown data could be wrong or incomplete. Below are a few issues we’ve run into before.

  • Poor video quality
  • Video is out of order.
  • Video is shorter or longer than expected with no notes from the coach.
  • Video does not start at the beginning of game. 
  • Incomplete or missing video

What happens if my game isn’t returned in 24 hours?

We always try our hardest not to let that happen, but there might be a situation in which we just can’t help it. If we do return a game after the 24-hour time frame, we’ll be sure to add one free Assist credit to your account.

Who from my staff can submit games to Assist?

All coaches and and team administrators should see the Submit to Assist button. 

Will I have access to my game while it is being broken down?


What reports does Hudl Assist automatically generate?

  • Stats
  • Trends
  • Goals
  • Box Score
  • Opponent Scouting
  • Shot Chart