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Setup FAQ

General Setup FAQ

What’s the average setup time?

We’ve seen the average first-time setup take less than an hour. As you get more familiar with the setup, it will go faster. Just make sure to allow a little extra time, especially when you’re on an unfamiliar field.

Do I need any additional hardware?

Yes. In addition to your own camera and iPads, you’ll need one HDMI cord compatible with your camera. Click here to see the cord you’ll need, and check out our recommendations for accessories to make your Sideline setup top-notch.

How many people do I need to run Sideline?

You’ll need one person to run the recording iPad keep an eye on things. That likely means adding one person to your normal setup.

Do I still need to record on my camera?

That’s up to you. Recording on your camera is a good backup option should any environmental scenarios cause errors with Sideline. Recording on your camera isn’t vital to running Sideline, as the recording iPad sends video to your viewing devices and you can upload from the app.

Can I leave Sideline set up between games?

Nope, leaving your kit out runs the risk of damage and theft. You should securely store your equipment after every use.

What parts in the setup are weatherproof?

The sideline access point is weatherproof, but the ports connecting those devices to their routers are not. Protect all other equipment from moisture and direct heat. Click here for our recommendations to help weatherproof your setup.

My team will be playing at an indoor field. Will this cause any trouble with Sideline?

There aren’t any changes to the setup if you’re playing indoors. However, some larger stadiums use passive Wi-Fi jamming technology to keep their airwaves free of interference. If you’re playing at a field where this could be an issue, you may want to get pre-clearance to use Sideline. Contact the facility a few weeks ahead of time to be sure your setup will run smoothly.

Keep in mind that in a smaller, more enclosed space like an indoor arena, there can be a higher chance of interference from other Wi-Fi networks within the arena.

How does each piece of hardware work?

For a detailed breakdown of each part of your setup, click here.

Camera: Provides a live video feed for Sideline.

Streaming kit:  Converts video from the camera to a Sideline-friendly format and sends it over the network to your recording iPad.

Access point: Create the Hudl wireless network and send the encoded video to connected devices. The access points also receive info from your devices, like which plays you flagged and ODK data.

Hardware Setup FAQ

Will my camera work with Sideline?

For your camera to work with Sideline, it needs a live HDMI output. That means the camera can send the live feed through an HDMI output as it records. Click here to check out our list of supported cameras and learn how to test your camera’s compatibility.

How long does my streaming kit take to turn on?

It’ll take about three minutes to completely power on. Check out this article to see what that process looks like.

iPad/iPhone Setup FAQ 

Which iPads/iPhones can I use? 

It’s important to stick with our supported devices. Unsupported models, such as older devices and those with outdated software, will affect the entire system. Check out the required and recommended models here.  No matter the iPad/iPhone you use, make sure your operating system and app are updated before each game.

Can I use my Android device or a tablet? 

No. Hudl Sideline is only available on Apple devices.

Will the app ever time out? 

If you’ve uploaded from the device, it will log you out after 13 days of inactivity. If you haven’t uploaded anything, it will keep you logged in. Make sure you’re logged in before hitting the field on game days and you’ll be in great shape.

I can’t log in. Help! 

The app requires an internet connection for you to log in. Sideline’s network is not a traditional network and won’t provide internet. Be sure you’re on a non-Sideline network or a data connection when logging in. If you’re at the field and can’t access Wi-Fi, use a smartphone to create a personal hotspot, then connect your Sideline devices and log in.

If you’re still having trouble, contact Support.