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Top Tips from Support

  1. Log in to the app before you leave for the game.

    The app requires an internet connection for you to log in. Sideline’s network is not a traditional network and won’t provide internet. Be sure you’re on a non-Sideline network or a data connection when logging in.

    If you’re at the field and can’t access Wi-Fi, use a smartphone to create a personal hotspot, then connect your Sideline devices and log in.

    If you’re still having trouble, contact Support.

  2. Protect your equipment.

    The bridges and sideline access point are weatherproof, but the ports connecting those devices to their routers are not. Protect all other equipment from moisture and direct heat. Click here for our recommendations to help weatherproof your setup.

  3. Set up your end zone kit first.

    It’s vital to set up the end zone kit before the press box kit. Going in the reverse order will make it impossible to connect to either network. If this happens, you’ll need to turn everything off and restart your setup process.

  4. If your streaming kit has a screen, wait for it to completely power on.

    It’ll take about three minutes for the streaming kit to get up and running. Check out this article to see what that process looks like.

    If your streaming kit doesn't have a screen, it should automatically power up when you turn on the battery. To check that it's on, look for all three lights (power, LAN and HDMI)

  5. If you run into trouble, check that everything is plugged in.

    Some of the most common issues occur when a cord isn’t completely plugged in. Make sure all cords are fully seated in the correct ports.

  6. Get your additional hardware.

    In addition to your own cameras and iPads, you'll need compatible HDMI cords. Click here to see our recommendations.

  7. Practice your setup.

    Practice makes perfect. Take advantage of practices and scrimmages to get familiar with your Sideline setup.

  8. Keep your app updated.

    We regularly update the app to give you the best experience possible. Before each game, check the app store for any available updates.

  9. Prep your setup before each game.

    Do a double-check the day before each game. Make sure your battery is charged and all cameras, iOS devices, cords and weatherproofing gear are ready to go.