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What You'll Need

The following hardware is necessary, but not provided by Hudl.

1 Camera with an HDMI output

Hudl Sideline requires an HDMI signal in order to use a camera. If your camera doesn't have an HDMI output, you'll need an HDMI converter. You can find recommendations here.

If you are looking for general recommendations or are wondering if your device is supported, click here.

1 HDMI Cord

You'll need a compatible HDMI cord for your end zone camera. Find a cord that's compatible with your camera on one end (usually HDMI micro or HDMI mini) and full HDMI on the other end (which connects to Hudl Sideline).

2 Compatible iPads or iPhones

To get the fastest performance and best experience, it's important to use newer iPads and iPhones that meet our minimum requirements. Here's a list:

  • iPad Pro, Air 2, Mini 4 or newer
  • iPhone 6 or newer