Using Statuses

Recruiting videos and infor­ma­tion are only avail­able for col­lege coach­es with a school-pro­vid­ed email address.

Use sta­tus­es to help cat­e­go­rize your dif­fer­ent prospects. 

Assign a Status to a Prospect from the Search Page

  1. Type in the name of a prospect into the search bar.

  2. Toggle the Status icon to on and assign a col­or to your prospect. 

  3. Your col­ored sta­tus will be assigned to the prospect. 

    You can select the Filter but­ton in the top right to fil­ter by dif­fer­ent sta­tus­es or ath­lete characteristics.

Assign a Status to a Prospect While Watching a Full Game

  1. Open a full game from a team or ath­lete profile. 

  2. Click on the Add Prospects icon. 

  3. Toggle the Status icon to on for your desired prospect. 

  4. Assign a col­ored sta­tus to your prospect. 

  5. Your col­ored sta­tus will be assigned to the prospect. 

Remove a Status

  1. Click on the col­ored sta­tus you want to remove. 

  2. Click Remove.

Review the Statuses of All Your Prospects

  1. Under Our Prospects, click All

  2. You’ll see a com­plete list of the sta­tus­es for all your prospects.