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Evaluate Multiple Athletes

Recruiting videos and information are only available for college coaches with a school-provided email address.

This feature is only available for American Football recruiters.

If you are watching a full game and evaluating one athlete, you can easily add additional athletes to evaluate simultaneously.

  1. Open a full game from a team or athlete profile.

  2. If you are already evaluating one athlete and want to add an additional athlete, click on the Add Prospects icon.

  3. Select an additional athlete to evaluate.

  4. Click the name tab for the athlete you just selected, then click New Playlist to create a playlist for the athlete.

  5. Name the playlist and click the Check icon.

  6. Select a clip that you want to add to a playlist and then select which playlist you want to add the clip to.

  7. If you want to add the clip to an additional athlete's playlist, select the other athlete's name.

  8. The clip will be added to the additional athlete's playlist.