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Managing your Account with Remote Truck

You can use the Remote Truck app on your iPhone or iPad in order to manage your BlueFrame broadcasts.

Logging In

  1. Download the Remote Truck app from the Apple app store and open it on your mobile device or scan the below QR code to access the app on the App Store.

  2. Open the app, and Select a User. Sign in with your BlueFrame credentials (these will be the same you use for vCloud and Production Truck).

  3. Navigate to the three horizontal bars in the upper left to access the menu and navigate to other options

Scheduling/Updating Broadcasts

  1. Once logged in, select Broadcast.

  2. Broadcasts created will appear here. Create a broadcast by selecting the blue plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

  3. If you need to Create a Broadcast, you will need to select the following. Please keep in mind that this information is publicly available for your viewers. Once you input this information, navigate down and select Save.

    • Site: organization or school
    • Section: sport or category of broadcast
    • Date: date and time of the broadcast
    • Title: title for the broadcast
    • Description: optional
  4. Back in the Broadcasts menu, see the broadcast you scheduled listed from the list of available broadcasts.

    To edit a broadcast, select the Pencil icon.

  5. Select Save once changes have been made.

Monitoring Your Broadcasts

  1. In the Remote Truck app, monitor any broadcasts that are already streaming. Within the Remote Truck app, navigate to the Broadcasts tab.

  2. If that broadcast is up and streaming, it will be listed as streaming. Tap anywhere on that broadcast, outside of the buttons to the right, to bring up the player.

  3. Select the play button and view your actively streaming broadcast!