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Enabling Captions on a Broadcast

Some broadcasts have closed caption options enabled within the video player. Closed Captioning options are currently available in English and need to be enabled on a particular broadcast.

  1. When viewing the broadcast, navigate over the broadcast to bring up the navigation bar. In the lower right-hand corner, select the CC option.

  2. Selecting the CC option will bring up a box. Select English in order to enable captions on the broadcast. To turn captions off, select the CC option and select Captions Off.

  3. Select English, and captions will be enabled on the broadcast and begin populating on the video player.


I do not have an option to enable captions on the livestream I am watching, why is that?

We're sorry about that! Please reach out to our Support Team. Please provide the specific game and school you are attempting to watch.

A specific player's name or piece of information is being captioned incorrectly, can that be fixed?

Unfortunately, our caption system is automated and does the best it can in order to provide captions to users correctly. Specific names or other pieces of information may be incorrect as the system attempts to caption unique words or phrases correctly.