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Hudl TV Revenue Share | Tipalti Setup

Tipalti is a transaction system used by Hudl, primarily to distribute revenue you have made from live streaming!

You will receive an invitation email that contains a unique link for you to set up an account. After clicking on this link, please follow the steps below.

Your Tipalti login is not the same as your Hudl login. This is a separate system used for financial transactions.

  1. Fill in the requested information.

  2. Click Register.

  3. Click the hyperlink to log in.

  4. Two-step verification will be necessary for first-time users. Click Send Code. The code will be sent via text to the mobile phone number provided.

  5. Fill in the required information. All fields except Middle Name are required. Click Next.

  6. Select payment method. All fields for ACH/Check need to be completed. Click Next.

  7. Add w9 information.

    Revenue is not payable if w9 information is not provided.

  8. Once complete, you will see the following screen.

  9. To edit any of the information, click on Payment Details and then edit at any time.


Do I need to set up Tipalti before receiving my revenue share?

You must be set up on Tipalti before receiving your revenue share, including providing us with a W9. We will not begin the payout process until this step is complete.

How often is revenue share processed?

Revenue share is processed based on the timeframe outlined in your streaming contract. For most, we calculate revenue on a quarterly basis, so every three calendar months. This breaks down into four groups; January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. You will then receive your payouts for revenue made during these timeframes based on the language in your contract.

How will I know my revenue share is on its way?

You will receive an email from us containing your revenue share statement, this document will include the revenue amount you will receive. Then, once the payment itself is processed, you will receive an additional email from Tipalti.

What are our options for receiving our revenue share?

Tipalti offers a variety of ways for you to receive your revenue share, the most popular being through direct deposit, check, and wire transfer.

If we plan on crediting our revenue share to our next Hudl invoice, do we need to set up a Tiaplti account?

Yes! You will still need to set up a Tipalti account so we can have a W9 on file for your organization.

I have not received an email inviting me to set up a Tipalti account and I need to receive my revenue share, what do I do?

We're sorry about that! Please reach out to our Support Team.

Someone else in our organization needs access to Tipalti, what do we do?

Please reach out to our Support Team and request another user be given a Tipalti invite link, only a single user per organization can be given access. Due to these accounts containing sensitive banking information, we want to be conscious about who has access.

We need Hudl's W9 for our own financial purposes, where can we find that?

Our W9 can be found at this link, Hudl's W9.