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In Venue Distribution

If you wish to view your livestream feed within your venue, there are a few options available depending on your venue's setup.

Download the Team1Sports app to your Smart TV

Team1Sports, Powered by Hudl TV is available on; Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV. The below steps are general, please see specific instructions for downloading apps for your specific platform.

This feed will be delayed from live action.

We do not support viewing on a television's browser, you must download the Team1Sports app on one of the above platforms to view on a Smart TV.

  1. Turn on the device and navigate to the platform's app store.

  2. Use the search function to search Team1Sports in the App Store.

  3. Download the App by choosing to add a channel or install.

  4. Once the App has been downloaded, go to the device's home screen and open the App.

  5. You can search for specific content and add your favorite schools by using the search on the bottom row.

    To add your favorite school or site, go to the Sites or Settings at the bottom and click Edit Sites. Click the box next to the school(s) you would like to add.

Connect a computer to your in-venue TV

You can use a computer and output via HDMI from your computer to an in-venue feed. The below steps are generalized, please see specific steps for mirroring or extending your screen from your OS provider.

This feed will be delayed from live action.

  1. Connect your computer to the tv via an HDMI cable

  2. In your computer's settings, extend or mirror your screen

  3. Pull up the livestream on Team1Sports through a browser or watch as an Admin through vCloud.

Output from Production Truck

Using an output device, you can output the program feed from Production Truck through HDMI or SDI.

Program Output is currently only available on the Mac version of Production Truck.

  1. Use an UltraStudio Monitor 3G or UltraStudio Mini Monitor from Blackmagic Design.

  2. Plug UltraStudio Mini Monitor or UltraStudio Monitor 3G into the computer running Production Truck via Thunderbolt and then connect to the monitor via an SDI or HDMI cable.

    Navigate within Production Truck to the Preferences menu, the gear icon in the center, and under Audio/Video, select Program Output 1.

    Select the UltraStudio Mini Monitor or UltraStudio Monitor 3G.