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RTMP Syndicating

Through Syndication on vCloud, you can send a single stream to vCloud from an encoder and have vCloud send that stream to multiple sources. These sources could be social media platforms (such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter) or other services capable of providing an RTMP endpoint.

You can syndicate to up to five individual RTMP endpoints under a single broadcast in vCloud.

To do so:

  1. In vCloud, navigate to the Broadcasts Grid area and click on Create Broadcast. If you have already created a broadcast, edit it instead.

  2. Scroll down to the Syndication area of the broadcast details page.

  3. Select Add RTMP Push Endpoint. You will be presented with three fields. Select your Quality, then input the URL and Stream Name/Key. You can obtain the RTMP information from your social media or streaming service.

    Depending on the service, they may only provide you a URL. This is why the Stream Name/Key field is an option. However, it is likely that they will also require a Stream Name/Key.

  4. In the example below, we have taken RTMP information provided by another BlueFrame broadcast:

    This information is specific to your individual broadcast and your streaming service or social media site.

  5. Scroll down and hit Save. Under the Syndication tab, you should see each of the individual RTMP endpoints you will be sent to. In this case, we have three. You can have up to five.

    When you begin streaming your broadcast, it will be sent to all syndication points simultaneously.

  6. In the below example, you can see that when we are streaming, it is sent to both our Youtube and Facebook accounts at the same time.